Geeking out/ freaking out

what up people i know its been a minute since i have posted anything, so im gonna throw up some of my comic book pages. Though i have had a pretty hardcore time figuring out this comic book process (espicially when my story still needs some more refinment). I guess these are basicaly test pages for what i hope to be a possible full comic. For my first time doing any "real" comic book work i choose to refernce havealy from one of the masters, Jack Kirby. i mean who else is better at draw'n crazy monster thrown downs. Its funny becasue i have been running away from comics for so long, that by doing this i really realized thats one of my callings. So instead of avoiding it im imbracing it. People have always told me that i have this comic book feel in my work , so hey lets make some comics.

This years been a pretty hard year, doing alot of soul searching, artisticly and mentaly. I am sure everyone at Ringling can relate, as well as anyone reading this. All year its been "what do i like to do", "how do i do it" , "what should i do ..." the list goes on and on. Ive come to realize im never going to truly get a specific answer. Why should i? why limit myself? Possibilities are endless as long as i keep doing what i LOVE to do. So i guess what im saying in my little rant, is if you wanna do something do it and do it the best you can. Dont feel like you need to fit in a specific category or type.
anyway one love .



Anonymous said...

Nice line work and flat color. Nice neg. and pos.shapes.

Francis Vallejo said...

i would like to take credit for the very important and masterfully done pose that was used as reference for the particularly attractive woman on page three, top panel. Thank you. .....hahah jk man, these are looking good dude looking forward ta the rest!