sketches from da trenches

what up people, its 2:30 at night i cnat sleep so i figured i would post. This semester has been pretty mind blowing. Every day i realize something new that i never would have thought of if i had not gone through the steps that have led me here today. Some people wonder why us art kids wont stop tlaking about art. we wake up 8:30 in the morning and the frist thing on our mind (after the clouds clear the mind) is art. we go to class talk about art, go home to our friends and most of us talk about art. Some people are annoyed some are not. Me and my buddy steve sit around the table all night while were working on our sketch books and have the same conversation about where we are going ,what artist we like, what art we want to do... . And when i say every night I Mean every night. When this dawned on me my first reaction was " im such a nerd!" but it occured to me , after this i wont be in such a art involved environment, there wont be any classes , no paid instructors, just you what you have learned your family/ friends and you trusty sketchbook. In the real world you will not always be surrounded by this, most people dont even know that illustration even exists. all i am saying is go be a nerd enjoy it while you can. i dont know where i was going with this but hey its my blog so i cna do what i want!
take it easy



Jamie Pogue said...

It's so true about people not knowing that this whole illustration world exists. I mean, I think a lot of us had our eyes opened last year, especially during history of illustration. Of course we knew there was a lot of history to illustration, but it was like, damn.
I mean, everything visual you see that's produced is made by someone. It goes through the same phases we put our stuff through...preliminary sketches/thumbnails and brainstorming and roughs and studies etc. Every picture you see out there has some little history of its own. Sometimes I might see something as simple as a magnet (i totally forgot to put them in my piece but they're on the way). Yeah, it's just a magnet, but I wonder who designed it? What else are they doing? Are they happy? Soon enough we'll all be part of that unknown (or known) group of people who put stuff out into the world. It's crazy to think its only a year away (or for some of us less).
Keep up the good work!

emcguire said...

That cuban food sketch is really sweet. nice colored light