Ill academy work

what up guys i just finaly bought a camera!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!! Vallejo will be happy to hear this, as well as all the people i have habitualy bumbed refferance shots off of, thank you all for putting up with me. To celebrate i took the liberty of taking some shots of my Acdemy work. Coming in to the Academy i had a lot of problems with paint, but now i feel a lot more comfertable with painting. I actually enjoy it now! So let me know what you guys think, most of these need re-touching up and some fixing but i figured now is as good a time as any. there in order from first to last.


Tamte said...

What up Double D! Your story about you camera reminded me of taking pictures in Frenchies class. I would say from what I see here your painting skills have improved. Your handling with a lot more of needed control. I think your next step would be to exaggerate things. There is not much Dustin in these paintings. You seem to be leaning on a muted blue in most of these, and it may be the reproduction but the values could be crisper. I just keep thinking of the crazy off the wall shit in your sketchbooks and in comic class. I'd like to see your newfound knowledge applied to the spirit of your older work. Stay true man


Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

WHat up meng! Good job overall Dust you've really put fourth some good work. The two pieces I particularly like is the Blue piece and the Pinocillo piece. Both have the best drawings, compostion and color. I also agree with some of the things she said above but don't worry in time you will start putting your newly acquired knowledge in your personal work. Take care bro.-oLU

Illink said...

Yo wazup, Love the work. I'm getting into painting myself. I have my first oil painting posted up soon. Keep up it up.