massive post!

what up people?!! I just finsihed the illustration academy and i am psyched! it was super intense and definalty a great learning experince. i havent had a chance to take pics of my assginments but i did find some time to scan my journal pages so i hope everyone enjoys my doodles. Shout out to John English, Sterling Hundley, Brent Watkinson, Doug cheyka, Jon Foster, Chris payne, jenny kostecki-shaw, and the rest of the faculty, the vcu kids, ringling kids and everyone else that went through the academy. Much love. hope to see you all again real soon.


Francis Vallejo said...

Yo man, I seen your post on my blog and I was like: snap man Dustin's on blogger, maybe he put work up finally?? And I was right...PIMP stuff man. They are all good but the "army of me" one and the last one are some of my favorite of your sketch pgs I've seen. Looking forward to seeing the Academy stuff. Be eeeeeasy.

Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

Awesome Sketches man. I hope to see the illustrtions you did in person soon. Yo, the girl on the stole is sexy bro. And Dude,there's 6 sketches that need to be turned into some large-scale pieces, no lie. Take care-PEAS

Angela Navarrete Dominguez said...

I'm glad to see to updated your blog. Very nice.
I added you as a link.

I missed all of you guys too! San Francisco seemed so cold and foggy when I got back. :)

Keep in Touch.

Angela Navarrete Dominguez said...

oops. ( ignore those typos in the previous message).