the Aftermath

What up people illest of ill is over thank god, and it was a huge success! Everyone who contributed to the show did a awesome job. Special thanks goes out to El Coro for taking the time out to come down to Ringling and judge the show! Thats one very talented, not to mention super cool guy, big up! All i have to say is that was one heck of a long week. I am swamped with work trying to finish everything thats thrown at me. Right now i am currently working on a book making project that i am really excited about. hopefully it turns out great. I have not had much time to scan in m sketchbook, but i do have the banner i did for Captain Skratch and Dj Crazy Carl for illest. i whipped this out in about a hour or so, i should probably tighten i up but thats for another night.



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Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

What up bro. Sounds like the illest gallery show went well. I'm glad you guys are getting traditions going with each other. Hope to see some work from you soon.