Hola. It has been business as usual down here in little old Ringling, sketching, painting, making stuff, with little or no sleep. Just finished this sketch book about a week or so ago. I was feeling kind of bad about not working in my books as intensively as I used to, but a couple of days ago George Pratt was ranting on about how working in the sketch books is great and all but we need to get our noses out of the books and start cranking out finished images. To be honest I felt a lot better about the whole thing. This semester I consciously put my focuse on finished work. Not to say I have not been sketching all the time, just not obsessing about it.
I took an artist book class this semester, and let me tell you it is very labor intensive. My focus has been on trying to better craft, because I have noticed a lot of art students especially illustrators don’t seem to even think about it. Every great illustrator, designer, painter has great craft; you can not get passed it. It’s an extra thing that honestly shows that you love what you do. It’s something that people notice and I definatly need to work on it.
Also just finished a landscape book, called urban landscapes and half way done with my second book(s). This time around I threw togther a 3 volume set dealing with mythology. It is a small fact book with 10 illustrations per book. Feels like I spent more time drawing than actually making the book. Once thaf finishes up I will shoot some sweet photos to show off the final outcome. Hopefully you guys will like the end product.
Be easy!


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Nikolas said...

I'm so all up in that sketchbook page, haha. By the way, they shut down demonoid.com! the gov took it down nov 9th, how lame is that?