30 heads studies

Pratt assigned us 30 portrait studies at the beginning of November, so naturally through no fault of my own, I waited until Thanksgiving weekend right before it was due to finish them. So after two days of spiting out work I found that my best happens when it comes down to the last minute. Probably due to the fact that I disregard all my second thoughts and work purely of instinct. When this happens it has to be one of the greatest highs ever. You just sit there and crank. Now that I think about it the fact that I work this way might be a bad thing.


dustin said...

this is simply amazing stuff man, really glad i found my way here.

Dominguez said...

Thanks for the comment man,it hit me in the heart, that felt good that I inspire you. WHen you talk about me helping you thats not true you did that all by your self. You as well have improve so much. Lets see what happen in the next semester. WE ARE GOING TO KICK SOME ASS! Ohh.. love the order you did with the portrait.


Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

Cool pieces bro. You can still notice that time was an issue in the work, but, like you said you were forced to make quick decisions which in many of them made for good and unexpected results.

J. Fiorino said...

I like your middle eastern guy alot. He fits the stereotype nicely.

ps - you're a wanker.