Self- portrait

Here is the most recent piece I did for Perez's advanced digital class. It was a simple self-portrait, that doesn’t look exactly like me. When I first started it began to become a very academic study, realizing this I quickly reeled it in and instead produced a couple of quick inks of myself. The results are much more to my liking. For color I tried out a process I just recently learned called flatting. Comic book artist use it to help color books. I believe that power houses like Frank Stockton and Nathan Fox, most likely use this process. There is a tutorial linked on Stockton's site. I plan to experiment more with this technique in the future.
In other news I am excited to announce I just finished my first script and now moving on to layouts and character designs. I am really jazzed up about this story. Once I have the pencils and inks I will post them.

Take it easy...



March said...

Thanks for visiting my blog,i found your blog when i click"next" on my blog homepage.hope you are doing good.:)

Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

I digs the new piece.