I only have one thing to say: "See the Dark Knight!!!"
Great Batman TV show quotes:
  • "Careful, Robin. Both hands on the Bat-rope." - Batman
  • "You she-devil! Have you short-circuited Batman's brain?" - Robin
  • "Remember Robin, always look both ways. "- Batman
  • "Holy heart failure, Batman! "- Robin
  • "Holy costume party, Batman!" - Robin
  • "Bless my dustpan!" - Alfred
  • "The opposite of a girl is a boy!" - Robin

"Same Bat time, Same bat channel."- Dd


Geary Day said...

hah i just posted my batman sketch..click over a blog and find yours..nice man i love it....ZAPP!! BAM!! gone.

Raven Herrera said...

Holy costume party dustin, i swear that is my new favorite saying, love the batman, the batman loves me.

Oliver Dominguez said...

Love batman and Robin drawing! The quotes are funny, and really stupid at the same time. Hope you have fun in Comic Con.



C.B. Canga said...

cool. i like your version.

Adam Ford said...

Cool dude! You captured something pretty great.

Jesse Fillingham said...

Hey Dustin, it was awesome to meet you at comic con, I'm really liking your stuff.

If you are still in San Diego I thought of something that you should try to do if you have time. Try to make it to Balboa Park, its beautiful there and the San Diego Museum of Art is there as well, worth a look if you have time.

Keep up the awesome work!

Doug Chayka said...

Hey Dustin, how did the half man book print up? Looking forward to seeing it, I definitely want to get a copy. Keep up the great work.

Adam Ford said...

I would love a team up! If you are up for one, let me know how you want to do it.

Francis Vallejo said...

this guy is INCREDIBLE!!! I gotta track down a book by him!!


Optimus Prime said...

i <3 batman!