Busy summer

So I finally forced myself to sit down and do a much needed blogging, I have been with out my computer for most of the summer, so keeping up with things has been a bit difficult.
These last couple of months have been extremely hectic. Graduating from Ringling, going back to the Illustration Academy, San Diego Comic Con, and now I am excited to announce that I am heading out to Dallas, Texas for my Apprenticeship at ReelFX.
After all this I have to say I have no complaints and regrets. The Illustration Academy was exactly what I needed before being thrown to the wolves . A great refresher on all the basics of picture making, and the extra time to spend with good friends (as well as new ones). Going back a second time was honestly the best decision, because it is impossible to retain all the information that is thrown at you in one sitting. It is a information overload and you only begin to full understand as you continue to produce more pieces. Big thanks to John, Brent, George, Doug, Sterling, and visiting faculty for being amazing artist and more importantly, exceptional people. Thanks for a great summer!

Here are a few pieces that I finished thanks to the Academy.

Chris Payne's conversation assignment. Acrylic and gouache.

A wrap around cover of my comic book: The Half-Man. I had a few copies test printed for Comic Con as leave behinds. I have to say LuLu did a excellent job. I will post a link to get a copy once I get everything squared away. This piece was mostly done in Gouache with a touch of acrylic.

Gary Kelly's color assignment. I was given the color green if you had not guessed. Mixed Media: acrylic, color pencil, gouache.

So fresh out of the Academy, a few of us pack our bags and head out to the Mecca of all comic book conventions: San Diego Comic Con! Besides dropping tons of money on comics and maneuvering thorough the hoards of on coming fan boys, I did manage to catch up with some friends and do a little sketching.

Checking out books with Scott. So magical!!!!

Demo by the great Rick Berry!

Special thanks to the guys at the Out of Picture booth, for being awesome!

Scoping out original art!

beach sketching.

View o f the bay area.

Special thanks to all the awesome artist that we meet at the con. Well Thats all I go t to say for now. I t is getting late so I better end this before I post some thing stupid.



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