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Hey everyone, I apologize for not posting anything of real significance lately, since moving to Dallas work has been none stop. Wake up go to work draw, paint, and make stuff all day then go home around six rinse and repeat. I am definitely enjoying my time here at Reel Fx. Every day holds a new project and a new lesson. Needless to say I am learning a ton. While forcing myself to forget the painful hazing rituals the studio practices. So even though they have this lowly apprentice jumping through multiple hoops of gasoline fueled fire, over tanks filled with ravenous prehistoric Japanese Goblin sharks, I still managed to finally get The Half-Man comic printed. Just follow the link to my store to grab this epic adventure. BUY ME! BUY ME!
Shoots of what you will be getting if you so chose to spend your hard earned cash.

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In other news, I currently have a few new comics in the works, one of which will be done by the end of this month. I will post it as soon as possible.
For those of you haters, Prehistoric Japanese Goblin Sharks are real! If you don't believe me check this you tube video.
Ha told you!... and you though I was making this stuff up.
Get down Goblin... Get down Goblin... Get down!,


Pop-Monkey said...

Hey, Dustin -- the book looks great! How many pages is it? Either way, congrats. I still need to see about getting you to illustrate some of my scripts sometime soon.
Wow, they have ridiculous hazing rituals at ReelFX? What are they, a bunch of frat boys? Jeez! Good luck to you!

Kendra Melton said...

Way to go man! if I get some extra money I'll try and get a copy! Keep up the good work. Good luck with Reel FX!!! :]

Optimus Prime said...

"Okay you a goon but whats a goon to a goblinnn. naaathin naathin you aint scarin naaathin."

-Lil Weezy


Adam Tamte Volker said...

...looks like a shark to me ;)

I might just have to snag me one of those comics. An early piece of sequential work from DD, which is surely going to be a collectors item! Hope your still enjoying Dallas, we will have to get together sometime soon. Peace Brutha


Angela N. Dominguez said...

Congrats! The work is looking great.

Nila Curry said...

Hey Dus! Miss ya! The book is lookin jamazing!!!!

Oliver Dominguez said...

Congrats Man!! Finally you got them printed. I bought one 4 days ago. It will be in my possession by saturday. Hope Reel Fx treating you well.



Annika said...

looks awesome Dustin, just ordered a copy & can't wait to look through the whole thing :)

Dustin dArnault said...

Thanks for the love and support guys. I really do appricate it. Reel FX is teating me well and Tamte I will be seeing you soon I hope? Best wishes to all.

thanks again,


szitta said...


Jan Terry is a singing sensation:-P

Your comic looks awesome man, way to go!


Robyn Hyzy said...

I just ordered a copy! It will go nicely with the huge print of the Half Man we have hanging on our wall. Maybe I can even get you to sign it...when you come up to visit us sometime!

That prehistoric shark thing just cracks me up. I sent the link to both my sisters because we really got hooked on Shark Week over the summer.

....and now I have 'Get down goblin' going through my head.


Andrea Bowman said...

Hey Dustin I love your book, and the pieces are amazing. How is Reelfx

Nila Curry said...

Hey Dus!

Thanx for the shweet comment. I'm in Hodges class. Hows life treatin ya? and how much is that book!! Im broke right now but I definitely wanna get one

Francis Vallejo said...

my goblin gets down....

that there sounds like a bad pick up line...imma try it..haha

but i got your call, sorry havent called back, ive had like 5 all nighters out of 6 days working on this job that I really want to do well with. Anyways I'll hit you up soon.


Geary Day said...

niceeeee man!..im about to purchase mine..hope all is well


Plantmonster said...

yeah, need to get my greasy hands on one of those books...just gorgeous! also, that shark is terrifying...STAY FROSTY!

piero said...

nice work man.

lindsaykay said...

this looks great :)


Roland said...

I just got your comic and it is really great. Can't wait to se what else you have in the works.