Do you DOLOR?!?!?

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Whether hero or villain, everyone has a copy of Dolor... so why don't you?
IMG_3280 cover- Min Yum IMG_3272 The "I don't have a adjective to describe him because he is such a badass" -
Francis Vallejo
Jens Claessens
IMG_3257 Yours truly
back cover- Lisa Roper
IMG_3265 copy
The comic also features some awesome illustrations by Michael Meier, Nic Klein, and Rita Furstenau.
For $4.50 a pop, it makes an excellent stocking stuffer!
I just want to give a big shout out to Michael, Nic, Rotopol and everyone who put in for Dolor 3, it turned out beautiful!


Francis Vallejo said...

love the orlando ad!!!!!!!!


Joe said...

Man, you guys are tearin it up. I gotta get me one of those.

Roland said...

It really does look great. I am still awaiting mine. Those guys at Rotolpress have great taste

oliverd_876@Hotmail.com said...

Nice work man!! I'll get my Dolor 3 copy soon. Great pictures of ironman and orlando. YES!!!!


Jens said...

Sweeeet :D I agree everyone buy it :)
Cool to be in there with you, and I added your link to my blog :)

Duncan Barton said...

Totally ordering one! I love your Russen poster too, great stuff- you're ripping it up! I've been busy applying for jobs and such, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Cateris said...

Oooo I'm gonna get one. They look great :)

Bombproof said...

SICK DUDE!! You know I'm ordering one, and hopefully jumping on board for Dolor 4!

Orlando Sanchez said...

hahahahaha. That's awesome man. How you doing?

Jared Fiorino said...

Dustin! Sick job on the Russian piece man! Looks great! And congrats on Dolor! Keep it up man!

Tyler said...

benji even has his dolor i heard

Francis Vallejo said...

yo we need that sketchbook post dawg!

Annika said...

hey Dustin great work! I got my dolor & it made my day :)

amy gorman said...

wow that's so awesome! i'm totally gonna get me one of dem. awesome work lately, by the way. :]

Whitney Pollett said...

Dang! sign me up! I want a Dolor!! Stellar work man! I LOVE your stuff!