Sketching my life away


Some say I draw my life away, to those people I say; shut up and draw.



luis espinosa said...

hey bro.. wow.. this is inspiring.. it makes me want to do more in my sketch book especially after reading your quote.. bad ass man. just looking at these i can tell you are having fun and enjoy drawing.. that's awesome and exciting.. Hope all is going good for you my friend.. and thanks for the nice words.. I have a couple more illustrated type in the works..

How's life going for you btw?


Becky said...

Awesome stuff - Sketching is the best way to go thru life!

Benjamin Plouffe said...

nice post dude!

Francis Vallejo said...

the last spread, drawing on the right is the business yo! actually all of it is the business!!

dope drawings sir.

Larissa said...

Is the first one Sean? Great drawings :)

Sorrentino said...

drawing your life away sounds like a good time to me! these are great sir! cheers!!

Raven Herrera said...

aww, these are kickass, always love your drawings

Jens said...

what else is there to do than draw? watch tv? :)

sweet sketches man, and to answer your question, the last illo I did pretty much took an entire evening + a morning of fiddling and tweaking. Don't know if that's fast or slow :p

Rich Pellegrino said...

words to live by! these drawings are handling business.

gumkid said...

great drawings dude,

Jens said...

thanks, i hope i'll make it :D

Kyle McCullough said...

well said man. Great stuff!


jstarr said...

great great line work