Marvel Mondays!


I couldn’t sleep so I got a head start on my Marvel Monday. I promise there will be a significant update in the near future, however in the mean time here is one of my all time favorite villains. He’s got a PHD in evil.

“Curse you Richards!”



Theodore Taylor said...

Freakin' sweat.

Kendra Melton said...

Definitely nailed the mood of Dr Doom. This takes me back to the first time I road the ride at Islands of Adventure. If you're scared enough the first time you ride it, it will actually feel like they drained you. Now I ride it like a pro with no drained feeling after :P
Glad you were able to make sure of your non-sleepiness. :]

Brandon said...

Nice work, my friend. Can't wait to see the final on this one.

Anonymous said...

hola man. love the sense of movement and life in your drawings!...
idk what precisely prompted the delete, just realized it wasn't for me Or at least not right now. Im moving around a lot at this time in my life and kind of want to commit to the present places. Found it hard to embrace change when I could click a few times and be craving the past. Im not denying or eluding my experiences, just accepting and loving the life around me...currently a very dull art history class. hah.
note. not anti F.B., its just not the thing for me...I have enough internet portals on my plate.