warm up sketch


Warm up sketch before layouts…



mick statham said...

Nice line work there.

mick statham said...

Hi again Dustin. Just been to your portfolio site. I really liked the work there. Those comic pages are great, your style reminds me of Jeff Lamire's. And those books are great too. I particularly like the 3 volume beast books. Very nice work.

mick statham said...

Yes, that time thing is a pain in the arse.

I use a local studio's equipment but I'm not technically linked with anyone, I'm just a lonesome ol' print maker and flustrated cartoonist. Speeking of which I'm hoping to have a web strip starting some day soon (that time thing again). The pitch is B.P.R.D. meets Were-Wolf by night by way of Eddy Current.

Flo said...

Wonderfull Work's
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Great chine!!!