Road Trippin with my boy Francis V!

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A few months back Francis and I took a little road trip up to Kansas City Missouri. There we were lucky enough to meet up with Brent, George, John and Mark. Trey and Jane were awesome enough to let us crash at there place and give us a nice tour of the city.
These photos are a couple months to late, but I figured why not post them anyways. I am kicking myself for not getting photos of Mark’s studio. George was snapping away of course, but who knows when he will post them… However you can see the whole set of photo’s my flickr!
Big thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome!


Oliver Dominguez said...

Awesome Pics man! It looked like fun dude!! Is that a painting behind Francis where he is drawing near a window.



Jordie Bellaire said...


Francis Vallejo said...


Trey. said...

cool man , good photos.
you guys should come back- an kigit!

i'm a serious as cancer when i say rythym is a dancer