Marvel Monday!

I did this sketch for my buddy Randy. Since its the holidays, its about time to re- read that Lobo Christmas special. That's the issue where the Easter Bunny hires Lobo to kill Santa. Holiday classic. That's right kids, get some chestnuts, put on them flannel jammies, curl up by that fireplace and crack open that back issue of Lobo, because it doesn't get any better then this!

Happy Holidays!


Francis Vallejo said...

dude, I give the Lobo special as stocking stuffers to friends and family every year!

dope drawing

Jens said...

Hey man, I'm great. I'm moving to Quebec City within two months to work at Volta Creations! Still too far away to visit perhaps haha, but if you feel like a vacation in the snow you should come visit

Del Rey said...

Lobo rules!

Kendra Melton said...

Very Nice!