This was my weekend…phfx_SxSW_ONP0020 phfx_SxSW_ONP0019 phfx_SxSW_Con0070Not to bad huh? The rest of the photo’s can be found on Phil Holland. I was way to busy drawing to take any for myself, so big thanks to Phil!
I went to SXSW down in Austin, TX to help The Art Department promote there brand new program! For those of you who don’t already know; TAD is the result of Illustration Academy and Massive Black teaming up to form a phenomenal illustration program.  Along with the online VLP the art department will now offer 4 stable studio locations (haahahhaalso known as pods). There will be one in Kansas city, Richmond, San Francisco and finally Austin TX. 
As you can see Francis, Trey, Jane and I drew are fingers off! We had a great time hanging at the booth hanging with the Massive Black guys. Big shout out to my boy Kemp, Andrew, Jason, Carl, Whit, and Brad. You guys rocked it like Massive Black …umm wait wha? Word to the wise, hang out with these fools and I promise you'll loose your car by the end of the night…True story.
oh yeah I did some art too…
indian_sketch_001 copy
figure_005The rest of my drawings can be found on my flickr set! Make sure you check out Trey, Jane and Francis drawings, as always they killed it!
Big thanks to John and Mark for having me come down, I had a blast! A big congrats goes to Francis, since he is heading up the Austin studio! Nicely done sir.
Hey Kemp! Youuuuuuuuuuuuu! Krank that Robocop Youuuuuuuuuu! Hell yea, we did thangs boiiiiiiiiii!


Kyle McCullough said...

Great figure stuff man, love the top ink in your sketchbook the most! Hope all is well man.


Kali Ciesemier said...

Really lovely figure drawing all around! Nicely done, sir. :)