Marvel Mondays: Rogue

 rogue_Dd_001   So for the past few months this blog has been practically lifeless. It’s been void of new sketches, updates and most of all love. For that I apologize. However as you can see from the site redesign, we are back in business…and I plan to stay that way….hopefully…maybe.
For a good while now I have been using predominately brush for all my inking needs, and while drawing purely with brush allows for a very loose and fluid line, I always felt there was something missing in my inks. I realized it was time to bring back the nib. Not only does it help me maintain the structure from the preliminary drawing, but it gives a more satisfying response when you put pen to paper,
rogue_prelim_Dd_001 Anyways I hope you dig my take on Rouge. As you can see taking out Sentinel garbage is all in a days work for everyone's favorite Southern Bell. Tell me what you think of the switch and I promise to post regularly…..semi regularly……or when ever I get around to it dammit…Deal? Deal!


Anonymous said...

Kudos! You know this is my fav!

Annika said...

hey Dustin :) looking good, I love the contrast between the marks of the brush & nib!