iris_dd_reelfx_001 6 5 7 Radium / Reel FX  teamed up with director Rob Groenwold to produce a 3 minute short film entitled “Iris: The Contract.”  I designed the hover drone and the sniper scope display featured in the film.  Above are the initial concept and layout drawings for the modelers. You can view the short in its entirety on Reel FX’s new website. Big shout out to the Radium CG team. Those guys do outstanding work!


Duncan Barton said...

You're on drawn! :-D

Orlando Sanchez said...

Awesome work mr.Google! I like your design ideas and layout for these.

gumkid said...

DUDE! amazing stuff on here!! my faviort is the fantastic four the thing one. WOW, When is the next comic comming out?